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Planted Flag

Planted Flag is an application/toy I created to get back into C++ coding. The beautiful, easy-to-read source code behind it is available here. You can browse this code to see a wide range of classes and utilities or to get a feel for my coding style. (A windows-runnable exe can also be downloaded here.) Pretty much all the functionality you see is hand-written. The only libraries I use are math.h for some basic math routines and the windows console API to work with low-level console functionality.

Planted Flag has the following features:

  • Physics Engine
    • Simulation of springs, wind, drag, turbulence, and gravity
    • 2nd order Runge Kutter solver for enhanced stability
    • Real-time controls
  • 3D graphics tools - Objects, Transformation Matrices, Vectors
  • Text-based Console rendering engine
    • Lines, points, text, and color
    • Mouse manipulation
    • Widget controls
  • Mathematics and physics concepts:
    • n-Body Physics simulation
    • Runge Kutte Ordinary Differential Equation solver
    • Spring force calculations
    • Perlin Noise to simulate turbulence
    • Viscous Drag and gravity simulation
    • Matrix and Vector math
    • 3D transformations
  • C++ classes and concepts in use:
    • Matrices & Vectors
    • Polymorphism (Widget classes)
    • Dictionary/Hash table
    • Linked Lists
    • Animation Loop
    • WIndows Console API
    • Memory management

Here's a screen shot: