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Good Clean Monkey Videos

(and more!)

My daughter loves monkey videos. Unfortunately, there are lots of monkey videos on the internet that are pretty disgusting/disturbing/not suitable for 2-year-olds. What I am presenting here is a collection of funny monkey videos that are safe to watch. At the end of the page are some other videos that don't have monkeys in them, but they are clean and safe as well. Enjoy!!

Monkeys cartwheel down a hill (narrated)

Monkeys mess with tiger (silly sound track)

Monkey Teasing dog (short but funny)

Monkey vs Dog (narrated)

Monkey babysitter

Monkey riding a bike (no sound)

Monkey riding a dog herding sheep (Named whiplash)

Monkey doing situps and pushups

Cute pictures of hansters with the hampster dance song

Macaque Monkey Sneezing

Funny Cats

More Funny cats

Even more funny cats

Stalking cat